Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why Trust The Bible..............

Was the title of a dialogue event which my Wednesday morning Bible study group hosted this lunchtime in a Spanish Restaurant in The City.

A good number including a colleague of mine ate, listened, asked questions, argued and debated about whether we should trust the Bible. An excellent event and I can only pray fruit will come of it after hearing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is an interesting concept though, why we should trust the Bible. Probably the best point someone made today was a chap who when challenged why there had been no (obvious) Gospel miracles in nearly 2000 years replied that the Bible itself is a true miracle.

That God can bring about through so many different writers, a series of books and letters written over a period of thousands of years, into into one book which all interlinks really is a miracle. The fact that God speaks to us today through His Word is astounding and is a testament to the power and majesty He holds.

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